Mobility Events to Look Out for in 2024

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2023 was an exciting year for mobility events; INVERS attended several trade shows and conferences with great results. 2024 promises even more great events filled with inspiring conversations and exciting innovations. See below for our line-up of the best conferences and mobility events to attend in 2024.

mobility events 2024

Shared Mobility Rocks (06.02 2024, Brussels)

After going on tour to Vancouver in 2023, Shared Mobility Rocks returns to Belgium this year. The fun, rock-and-roll themed sessions will discuss sustainable shared mobility, diversity (and lack thereof) in the industry, the role of operators in addressing mobility challenges, unlocking the next level for shared mobility in cities, and more.

Languages: English

Visit the Shared Mobility Rocks website

Smart City (12.-14.03 2024, Utrecht)

The first event on our list is Smart City, Verkehr und Stadtplanung, which serves German suppliers who want to enter the Dutch market. The showcase event offers a diverse program, leading visitors through the day. This three-day event is packed with a diverse program that includes visits to Smart Mobility, energy, and sustainable urban development projects in Utrecht, networking lunches and dinners plus several workshops. The event’s focus is on German-Dutch cooperation, so that Dutch cities with innovative mobility ideas can get more insights into pioneering German mobility technologies.

Language: English, Dutch, German

Visit the Smart City website

Autonomy (20./21.03 2024, Paris)

Every year, Autonomy opens its doors for lively visitors in Paris. And every year, INVERS is part of it, so come find us in booth C24 and discuss your shared mobility projects with us. Autonomy offers a varied program of events and activities, such as the recently inaugurated Innovation Award, start-up challenges, and the brand-new Solar&Battery summit. The biggest mobility event in France has discussions and presentations on many topics; from decarbonization to autonomous mobility and corporate fleets. We are extremely excited to open up the panel discussion at 10 am on the main stage, so come check us out!

Language: English, French

Visit the Autonomy website

Flotte! Der Branchentreff (20./21.03 2024, Düsseldorf)

Flotte returns for another round of intense networking, presentations and workshops in 2024. The Düsseldorf-based event invites German-speaking mobility providers and fleet managers to a visit to the trade fair with over 290 exhibitors, training-certificates, and the best face-to-face networking in Germany.

Languages: German

Visit the Flotte! website

Start (21./22.03 2024, St. Gallen)

The biggest student-run start-up conference in Europe provides a start-up school, co-founder matchmaking, a pitching competition, and other opportunities to learn, share and test ideas. Students, entrepreneurs and investors will all find a reason to visit START SUMMIT.

Languages: English, German

Visit the START website

International Car Rental Show (15-17.04, 2024, Las Vegas)

As the lines between carsharing and car rental continue to blur, it’s worth checking out the International Car Rental Show for that industry’s latest trends. Experts will discuss strategies to face rising fleet costs, contactless rentals, business expansion ideas, and more.

Languages: English

Visit the ICRS website

Automotive (22./23.05 2024, Munich)

Another Germany-based event next year is Reuters Events’ Flagship Automotive Europe in Munich. The trade fair unites automotive CEOs and board members to set the stage for the European automotive agenda. Auotmotive will deal with issues critical in 2024, such as: the transition to electric vehicles, vehicle safety and Autonomous Vehicles, as well as the evolution of the OEM Business Model.

Languages: English

Visit the Automotive website

MOVE (19./20.06 2024, London)

Just like last year, MOVE, the tech mobility & start-up show, is returning to London to connect various mobility systems and shape a sustainable future. With 650+ speakers, 23 stages and over 6000 anticipated attendees, MOVE is set to become bigger than ever. Tech data, micromobility, smart cities and fleet management will be topics of panel discussions, there will be a start-up zone for new mobility companies, and of course a lot of time and space will be saved for quality networking.

Languages: English

Visit the MOVE London website

IAA (17.-22.09 2024, Hannover)

IAA stay true to their own motto: “People and Goods on the Move” as they welcome every stakeholder of the transportation value chain. Exhibitors get the opportunity to display their offerings to international logistic and transportation leads. The IAA’s program caters to a diverse audience, providing offerings for B2B and B2C interactions, while also addressing the needs of the public sector and society.

Languages: English, German

Visit IAA’s website

MOVE America (24./25.09 2024, Austin)

Just as its European spin-off, MOVE America commits itself to the transformation of urban mobility. The trade fair brings together over 500 speakers, 150 exhibitors and 5000 visitors to facilitate direct peer-to-peer networking and see mobility through a different lens. Learn how industry leaders among vehicle OEMs, sustainable mobility, and multimodal transportation systems operate and navigate the new mobility world.

Languages: English

Visit the MOVE America website

Other Mobility Events

There are many more European mobility events, conferences, and exhibitions in the field of micromobility, fleet management as well as travel, which are most definitely worth taking a closer look at:

  • Transport Ticketing (March 2024, London)
  • Connecting Europe Days (April 2024, Brussels)
  • Transport Research Arena (April 2024, Dublin)
  • Intertraffic (April 2024, Amsterdam)
  • Polis Mobility (May 2024, Cologne)
  • InnoTrans (September 2024, Berlin)
  • EUMO Expo (October 2024, Strasbourg)
  • FleetForward Conference (November 2024, San Diego, CA)
  • Automotive USA (October 2024, Detroit)
  • Las Vegas Automotive Show (Fall 2024, Las Vegas)

The INVERS team is looking forward to meeting you in person at the events mentioned above! Let’s exchange ideas and perspectives on mobility’s future.

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