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Add sharing technology to your campervan business

Campervans are growing in demand as a way to go on an adventure and explore the region. Instead of restricting pick-up and drop-off times to standard business hours, give customers the flexibility to schedule their rental time based on their schedule. By installing sharing technology to campervans, you can offer customers additional perks with your campervan business.

Benefits of connected campervans

Contactless pick-up and drop-offs

Provide convenience with flexible rental times and additional safety measures with reduced in-person contact

24/7 monitoring

Data for deeper insights

Gain business intelligence and learn more about customer’s trip behaviours and patterns

Automated rental process

Provide 24/7 app-based access to vehicles and use videos to highlight campervan features

accurate positioning of fleet vehicles

GPS data

Know where customers are calling in from to provide emergency customer support

integrated theft detection

Enhanced vehicle security

Immobilize campervans when not in a rental to prevent theft and vandalism

insights to operational fleet data

Operational efficiency

Place campervans in key areas throughout the city for easier access for customers

The INVERS sharing technology ecosystem

INVERS offers a modular ecosystem for your fleet connectivity and data management needs, as well as a strong partner network of sharing software technology providers.

INVERS Connected Sharing Vehicles Camper


Make your vehicles sharing-ready with our reliable telematics solution or our OEM API aggregator. Integrate seamlessly into our modular ecosystem.

INVERS FleetControl fleet management solution

Fleet data management

Get detailed insights and real-time fleet updates using FleetControl, including data such as vehicle events, heartbeats, ignition status, fuel levels, and much more.

choose the best booking software with INVERS

Sharing software
& user app

Manage your users and automate daily business via the backend sharing software and booking app. Consult with us to build your own, or buy from our integration partners.

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Through our partnership with INVERS, we bring freedom and flexibility to vacations on wheels with our motorhome rentals. We provide 24/7 motorhome pick up and drop off available via mobile phone. This is a unique service in the industry.

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Joscha Stephan, Founder and Director
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Because INVERS has extensive experience in the carsharing industry, we felt comfortable growing our service offering with their technology.

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August Grønli
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It’s important for us to offer both station-based and free floating carsharing on the same app to allow our users to choose which of the two services is best suited to their needs. Thanks to the tools provided by INVERS, managing our fleet is easy to master.

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Jean-Baptiste Schmider, CEO
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