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CloudBoxx Mini makes new e-scooter from Askoll shareable

With the new e-scooter SCOO3, Askoll is launching an electric kick scooter that has been specially developed for use in sharing. The Italian manufacturer relies on CloudBoxx Mini, the telematics solution from Invers, for reliable digital access to the new scooters right out of the factory. Askoll and Invers have been working together successfully for many years, including on moped sharing solutions for joint customers such as Cooltra.

Siegen/Milan, July 1st, 2022 – Askoll, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of e-mopeds, now also offers an electric kick scooter. The micromobility experts from Italy have developed the model SCOO3 explicitly for sharing use cases. The manufacturer ships the scooter from the factory with an installed, ready-to-use CloudBoxx Mini as its connectivity solution, so operators can directly access the vehicles digitally and integrate them into their back-end systems. “A reliable digital user experience is critical to success for shared micromobility offerings like scooter sharing,” says Alexander Kirn, CEO of Invers. “It requires close collaboration between vehicle manufacturers like Askoll and providers of digitalization technology like us. Integrating the telematics units in the factory enables the fastest possible market launch. The effective interaction of vehicle and telematics allows operators to trust the technology and focus more effort on differentiating their business.”

With CloudBoxx Mini, Invers has adapted and optimized the size and design of its telematics solution, which has shown its abilities in car sharing, for use in micromobility in vehicles such as mopeds, scooters and e-bikes. As a result, operators of shared mobility services with two- and three-wheeled fleets benefit from a smaller solution of the modular, open, and easy-to-integrate CloudBoxx technology. “CloudBoxx has proven itself in numerous e-moped offerings from shared customers,” said Gian Franco Nanni, CEO of Askoll. “We work very closely with Invers experts and can combine our expertise in manufacturing and digitizing to create a best-in-class sharing vehicle offering for operators. Our joint solution is plug-and-play ready.”

Invers’ IoT solution ensures reliable access to vehicles at all times: it supports multi-band mobile connections from 2G to 3G to 4G and enables roaming across multiple network operators via the integrated eSIM card, automatically selecting the best connection. Due to its low latency, CloudBoxx responds immediately to API calls and provides instant vehicle access. In addition, CloudBoxx Mini offers advanced motion detection: accelerometers report when a vehicle has been tipped over or moved away without authorization, so operators can respond in the event of vandalism or theft. Individual functions can be set up, such as triggering an alarm if a parked vehicle is knocked over. It is also possible to integrate additional sensors. With the help of CloudBoxx, fleet operators can flexibly integrate their vehicles into the existing Invers ecosystem and benefit from the comprehensive functions of fleet data management and digital fleet infrastructure. CloudBoxx Mini also includes an integrated backup battery that sends out signals from the vehicle for 40 more hours, making it discoverable when the vehicle battery runs out. The IoT offers a waterproof, rugged housing that integrates all antennas.

CloudBoxx Mini can be installed on mopeds, scooters and e-bikes and integrated with any application software. It therefore offers micromobility sharing providers high flexibility in fleet management and the possibility to integrate the vehicles with different applications depending on the business model. They can use CloudBoxx to access all available vehicle data and freely scale their offerings, both with additional vehicles or vehicle types and with additional functions.

About Invers

Invers, inventor of automated vehicle sharing, enables mobility service providers to launch, operate and scale their offerings with integrated hardware and software solutions specifically designed for developers of shared mobility services. As the world’s first shared mobility technology company, Invers is developing and reliably maintaining the fundamental building blocks at scale to offer its customers cost-efficient and easily implementable tech solutions.

The company acts as an independent and reliable partner for operators of services such as car sharing, scooter sharing, ride pooling and car rental with the vision to make the use of shared vehicles more convenient and affordable than ownership. Customers include Share Now, Clevershuttle, Miles, Getaround, Flinkster, TIER, Bounce and Emmy. The company was founded in 1993 and has locations in Siegen, Cologne and Vancouver. The development takes place entirely in Germany.

About Askoll

Askoll EVA S.p.a., born in 2015, is an integral part of Askoll Group founded in 1978 by Elio Marioni, based in Dueville near Vicenza. It is an Italian leader in the sustainable mobility market that develops, produces and markets e-bikes and e- scooters, as well as kits and components in the area of electric motors and batteries. With a 100% Made in Italy production and a predominantly Italian supply chain, it has been able to conquer a leading position in the international arena in a few years; today Askoll electric scooters are the best sellers in Italy. 2017 marked the entry of Askoll Eva electric scooters into the business segment, thanks to important partnerships including MiMoto, Cooltra and food delivery operators and last-mile deliveries. Askoll EVA has entered the AIM market of the Italian Stock Exchange since 2018 and is present in the main European markets: today it can count on an e-commerce and a distribution network consisting of about 170 points of sale in Italy and about 80 on the main European markets as well as Uk, Switzerland, Israel.

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