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Cooltra is the leading scooter sharing operator in Europe with over 4,600 electric scooters in three countries. In order to operate more efficiently and scale faster, Cooltra decided to switch to another technology platform: INVERS Shared Mobility OS.

Cooltra was born in 2016 as an innovative venture at a traditional scooter rental company. With extensive retail and rental experience, the sharing of electric scooters was the next logical step for the company who wanted to provide people with newer – and smarter – ways to move around cities.

Initially launched in Barcelona with 30 electric scooters, Cooltra quickly realized scooter sharing perfectly met the demands of people looking for a convenient intra-urban mobility option. Their rapid growth to more than 4,000 scooters in the first two years after their launch exceeded their expectations, and for further strategic growth, they knew a more powerful technology stack was needed to continue scaling up.

The Bottleneck: Managing Uptime

Uptime is one of the fundamentals for profitability in shared mobility. With shared electric scooters, uptime largely depends on battery levels and usability. One of Cooltra’s key processes is battery swapping and any time saving for this process is a must. With INVERS the swapping process can be done with no need to shut down and reboot the telematics unit, something that could otherwise take up to 5 minutes per scooter. Improving the efficiency on a process that is being repeated thousands of times per day has a direct impact on productivity, something that Cooltra also considered in the decision of choosing INVERS as a partner.

The Opportunity: Leveraging Experience to Scale Successfully

Transitioning a large fleet to a new technology stack is a decision where the benefits need to outweigh the risks. Cooltra knew they needed a reliable technology partner in order to have a frictionless transition.

By selecting INVERS, Cooltra chose the leading sharing solution as well as a team of experienced industry experts. INVERS’ proven track record of launching and scaling successful shared mobility operations for 25 years convinced Oriol Marimon-Clos Sunyol, CEO of Cooltra, that INVERS was the right partner to grow with. With the dynamic shifts in shared mobility, having an experienced partner at its side gives Cooltra the peace of mind to be able to adapt swiftly if need arises.

“To have the team of experienced industry experts is incredibly valuable to us. Our relationship is great. The INVERS engineering and support team is always available, and we can 100% rely on their experience and market knowledge!”

The Alliance: Transitioning to New Technology

After analysing Cooltra’s needs, INVERS prepared the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition – from setting up the hosting for Cooltra and offering API implementation support, to managing logistics. Installation was done in close coordination between the INVERS engineering team and the Cooltra tech team.

The detailed installation instructions and prefabricated installation parts provided by INVERS allowed Cooltra to carry out installation during their routine scooters’ inspection, which made it a time efficient and swift process. The modularity of Shared Mobility OS also utilized certain modules that were already installed in the scooters from their previous solution – another time-saving factor.

INVERS also developed a custom, cross-vendor wiring harness for the scooter models Cooltra had in their fleet. Being able to operate a fleet of various scooter models and makes with the same system and application and being able to further grow the size and type of scooters in the future, is another aspect Cooltra valued.

Boost operational efficiency

During the transition to INVERS Shared Mobility OS, Cooltra also made changes to their fleet management software, user app, and even customer service solution. All of those were easily integrated into the Shared Mobility OS via its open API. Since these feature changes were launched, Cooltra was able to improve their user retention while also signing up new customers, further supporting their continued expansion and scaling.

With a solid technology foundation, Cooltra is able to concentrate on the bigger shared mobility picture – bringing about a lasting change in people’s mobility habits and showing them electric scooters as an alternative to owning a private vehicle.

Cooltra’s riders have theoretically driven 390 times around the world in mileage and have saved 1,100 tons CO2 in emission. Without a doubt, Cooltra is on the right track to building a reliable new mobility service for everyone. Relying on INVERS Shared Mobility OS gives them the confidence to keep pursuing this goal – even on a global scale.

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