Explore how Shared Mobility OS is used around the globe


Roadfans is Germany’s first automated rental service – for caravans. This means users can book a caravan, pick it up and return it without having to approach a counter like in the traditional car rental scheme. By using a robust technology, Roadfans was able to optimize the booking process and provide a seamless experience for people ready for an adventure.

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ekar is the first carsharing provider in the Middle East


ekar is a rapidly growing shared mobility operator that offers carsharing in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. Learn how they successfully implemented carsharing in UAE, a country that has never seen shared mobility before.

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Nabobil is Norway’s first and largest peer-to-peer carsharing platform. Learn about how they managed to attract 120,000 users so far.

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County of Ventura motor pool

County of Ventura

The County of Ventura, California operates motor pools across its regions, maximizing vehicle utilization and minimizing costs. Learn how they grew their successful operations over the years.

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scooter sharing


emmy operates a free floating scooter sharing system in Berlin with over 1500 electric scooters. Learn more in this success story about why reliability and speed are the key factors for ensuring a unique user experience.

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Drivy Team

Drivy Open

Drivy is Europe’s market leader in peer-to-peer carsharing. Since January 2016 the company with headquarters in Paris, France offers its 1.2 million users a new service called Drivy Open.

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