What is CloudBoxx?

Whether launching a carsharing, scooter sharing, or any other shared mobility service, you need telematics (IoT) that turns regular vehicles into a smart, sharing-ready fleet. The INVERS CloudBoxx does just that.

CloudBoxx is the market leading telematics solution powering thousands of shared vehicles in over 50 countries. It is German-engineered and the trusted backbone for leading shared mobility providers with a reliability rating of over 99.9%. With CloudBoxx, you have ultimate flexibility to freely choose the vehicles and software tools that will shape your unique service.

CloudBoxx 4G Invers

What are the benefits?



CloudBoxx supports 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular connectivity.

The integrated SIM card enables multi-network-provider roaming that always selects the best connection. Due to its low latency CloudBoxx instantly reacts to API calls and provides immediate vehicle access. In areas without mobile wireless connection, such as underground car parks, the CloudBoxx switches to Bluetooth communication to always ensure a seamless customer experience.

Built-in precise vehicle localization and dead-reckoning calculations, ensure accurate vehicle positioning anywhere.


Built with a developer-first approach, our open REST API and its documentation facilitate integration and development processes, enabling you to customize your portfolio of offerings with the integration of third-party tools, on top of our standard functions.

You can combine the advantages of your own software development efforts and intellectual property with the benefits of our telematics solution.

CloudBoxx API Centric Architecture

CloudBoxx 4G Mixed Fleet INVERS


Our CloudBoxx is fully vehicle agnostic and ready to scale with your fleet. Launch a unique mixed fleet with vehicles of different makes, models, shapes, and sizes.

A broad choice of Inputs and Outputs enable flexibility on what signals and features to offer, like helmet monitoring and card reader. Make these changes at any time with a simple plug-n-play set-up.

Functionalities are constantly being improved and firmware updates are done over-the-air for seamless operations.

What are the features?

Hardware Features

  • Fully vehicle agnostic due to broad choice of I/Os and support of accessories
  • Bluetooth low energy connectivity
  • Firmware updates & configuration over-the-air
  • Customizable with add-ons like RFID access control, electronic card and key holder tracking
  • Shock and towing detection and alerting

OperationAL Features

  • Managed connectivity with 2G, 3G, or 4G
  • > 99,9% availability on a global scale
  • Integrated multi-provider SIM card
  • Real-time data for fleet management
  • Smart position tracking optimal for sharing applications
  • Optimized for near real-time communication and flexibility of business models

Developer Features

  • EasyToUse REST API
  • Detailed documentation and code examples for common use cases
  • Flexible use of CAN Bus for customizable data workflows
  • Bluetooth API supported on many smartphones and devices
  • Event-based structure
  • Receive vehicle data through high throughput messaging protocols

Ecosystem The INVERS Mobility Stack

The INVERS CloudBoxx is part of our full-stack mobility solution. Use CloudBoxx with the rest of our ecosystem or use our API-centric build to customize your own solution.

CloudBoxx INVERS Telematics

INVERS / Third-Party


CloudBoxx Range

Make your vehicles smart and sharing-ready. Set-up, scale and diversify your shared fleet offering quickly and easily with CloudBoxx.


FleetControl Fleet Management Software

Fleet Operation



Get detailed insights and real-time updates on your fleet, including vehicle events, heartbeats, ignition status, fuel levels, and more.



Booking Software

& User App


Manage your users and automate daily business via the backend interface. Fully customize the white-label user app to the look and feel of your brand.

CloudBoxx Tools & Apps

INVERS Development Kit

The INVERS Development Kit allows you to test the functionality of the CloudBoxx and its comprehensive API, right at your desk. The Development Kit simulates data sensors of a real vehicle (e.g. ignition, charging level and status, mileage, fuel levels) so you can experience the full functionality of the CloudBoxx and its API.

Set-up & Test App

The Setup & Test App allows you to easily configure the CloudBoxx for a specific vehicle model by simply scanning the CloudBoxx QR code. Once the correct configuration is determined, finalize the setup process right away by testing via the app.

BLE Analyzer App

The CloudBoxx BLE Analyzer App allows you to instantly connect to the CloudBoxx and test configured vehicle functionalities via Bluetooth. This way you don’t have to worry about having GSM coverage in your garage or warehouse.

GSM Analyzer App

Otherwise known as the CloudBoxx Cellular Analyzer, it allows you to instantly test the configured functionality of the CloudBoxx and its GSM connectivity strength.

INVERS Autolyze Kit

Learn the language of a vehicle. If your vehicle is not yet part of our extensive list of supported vehicles, it can be added fast and simple with the INVERS Autolyze Kit. Using machine learning and pattern recognition, it analyses a vehicle and isolates the relevant data from millions of messages that are communicated over a vehicle’s CAN bus. With Autolyze, you will have access to advanced vehicle data such as mileage, fuel level, lock status of doors and windows, and much more.

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