People at INVERS – vol. 4: Student Edition

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INVERS Culture


In this round-up of People at INVERS, we are thrilled to highlight bright and driven students who have joined us while continuing their studies. At INVERS, we provide students the opportunity to apply their classroom learnings to the real world of mobility and help them build up their knowledge and experience.

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Marc Otminghaus – Marketing and Sales

I found my way to INVERS after working on a university consulting project with LapID, their sister company. When I heard about the innovative technology that INVERS was working on in the shared mobility space, I knew a sales and marketing internship at INVERS was what I wanted to do after finishing my bachelor’s degree.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to spend a few months learning from the team in Siegen before I joined the team in Vancouver. So far, I have gained valuable experience by connecting with entrepreneurs who want to start their own shared operations and using that insight to get more people interested in shared mobility. I appreciate the trust I have among my colleagues, and it really feels like I am working for a start-up even though INVERS was established over 25 years ago!

working student invers

Dennis Rörig – Marketing

I became interested in the mobility sector as a result of my passion for cars. Building on my studies in international business, joining the team at INVERS gives me the opportunity to continue learning while I complete my bachelor’s degree. My main tasks surround social media and market analysis – making sure our message is heard in all parts of the world, while also evaluating opportunities in untapped markets.

Each day I learn something new, whether that is from industry changes or from colleagues in different departments. Thanks to the strong team environment we have here, they are always happy to help. I am someone who likes to be challenged personally and professionally, and with the dynamic space of shared mobility, I am working in a perfect environment.

working student invers

Vladimir Kaiser – Software

After interning at an IT company and working at a restaurant, it was time for me to dive into the IT industry again. I studied business and computer science in university, and knew it would be very useful to apply what I learn in the working world. I was intrigued about the shared mobility space and how INVERS worked with its customers. This led me to a working student role in project management and support.

Right from the start, I noticed INVERS had a friendly culture where you can find people from different departments enjoying coffee together, and that was very important for me. The working atmosphere is great and I enjoy bringing these positive vibes when supporting our customers. I look forward to growing with INVERS and strengthening its position in the shared mobility space.

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