Quarterly Global Moped Sharing Market Status Update: Q1 2021

Author: Enrico Howe · Published: · Last updated:
moped sharing update

The world of moped sharing is buzzing. That is why INVERS is constantly analyzing the market to understand the market needs and development for its customers and products. In order to share the most relevant content with you, we partnered with mopedsharing.com  and every quarter, we will share the most noteworthy updates from the moped sharing space and what this means for the industry overall.

Here is what happened in Q1 2021:

Enrico Howe
Enrico Howe

Enrico has been analyzing and consulting the moped sharing market since its early days. He has been a mobility researcher and consultant since 2013. Enrico is the lead author of the annual Global Moped Sharing Market Report and runs mopedsharing.com