Quarterly Global Moped Sharing Market Status Update: Q2 2021

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The moped sharing space continues to grow. In order to share the most relevant content with you, we partnered with mopedsharing.com, who stays up to date on the latest news about moped sharing globally. Every quarter, we will share the most noteworthy updates from the moped sharing space and what this means for the industry overall. 

Before we go into the details of Q2 developments, we are very excited to announce that we are also partnering with mopedsharing.com for the 5th annual Global Moped Sharing Market Report this fall. Over the years, this report has become the go-to moped-specific report that deep dives into a review of trends, key market players, and outlook for the space. Last year, it mapped out the industry and analyzed more than 100k mopeds and 9 million users in 122 cities and 22 countries run by 76 operators. The 2021 report will show the strong continued growth of the sector. To make sure you get the report when it’s released, sign up to get notified!

Here is what happened in Q2 2021

  • Battle of the systems: Battery swapping and fast-charging in India, China and beyond:
    • Gogoro is building a battery swapping network in India and China. In India, Hero Electric will be the main partner, whereas in China, Yadea and DCJ will be partners. If implemented at scale, this will be a major step towards bringing electric mobility to the masses.
    • Ola launches a fast-charging network for electric mopeds in India that can provide a 50% charge in 18 minute. The plan is to have 5,000 charging points in 100 Indian cities in 2021 and in the future, 100,000 in 400 cities. 
    • Moped sharing operator Cooltra partners with Iberdrola and Inetum for a battery swapping station pilot in Spain. Cooltra will run the first three stations.
  • Select financing news:
    • GO Sharing’s parent company GO Green raises 50 million €. With the capital injection, GO Sharing is going multi-modal with bikes and cars and expanding to Germany, Turkey, and UK. In mid-May, they announced the acquisition of TRIBe Sharing in Germany, which now runs the German expansion (e.g. Düsseldorf, Saarbrücken, Cologne).
    • TIER secures close to 50 million € of asset-backed financing from Goldman Sachs for further city growth.
  • Paris continues to sharpen its profile as a moped sharing hub. With Cooltra (+2,000 mopeds) and YEGO (+1,000 mopeds) from Spain, two more operators started to roll out fleets. This means competition for Cityscoot, Troopy, and Lime, but ultimately more mopeds to choose from for users. 
  • City tenders:
    • The Dutch city of Groningen awards CHECK & Felyx with licenses. This is the result of a city-run tender in spring 2021. GO Sharing, which operated in Groningen since summer 2020, did not get a license. Meanwhile, GO Sharing considers continuing with (stationary) parking zones on private land. 
    • The French city of Toulouse starts a tender for moped sharing in the city with an aim to have two operators. Currently, the French operator Indigo Weel runs a system with NIU mopeds in Toulouse.
  • More multi-modality: 
  • emmy introduces Yadea mopeds in Munich and Hamburg. This is the first major deal from Yadea, financed by Wunder Mobility in the European shared mobility landscape.
  • Recommended reading: The behind the scenes story of Revel’s creation and optimization of no-parking/riding zones states that “the measures immediately resulted in a 40% reduction in the rate of auto-detected incidents during the first three months after implementation”.


  • New city launches: 
    • Austria
      • Vienna, GO Sharing (April)
    • Belgium
      • Antwerp, GO Sharing (April)
    • France
      • Paris, YEGO (June)
      • Paris, Cooltra (June)
    • Germany
      • Göttingen, E.ON Drive (April)
      • Saarbrücken, GO Sharing (May)
      • Düsseldorf, GO Sharing (June)
      • Cologne, GO Sharing (June)
      • Leipzig, Zoom Sharing (June)
      • Düsseldorf, felyx (June)
      • Hamburg, felyx (June)
    • Italy
      • Rimini, Mimoto (May)
      • Grosseto, Reby (June)
      • Taranto, BitMobility (June)
    • Netherlands
      • Zwolle, GO Sharing (May)
      • Alphen aan den Rijn, GO Sharing (May)
      • Hilversum, GO Sharing (May)
      • Zoetermeer, GO Sharing (May)
      • Dordrecht, GO Sharing (June)
      • Groningen, CHECK (June/July)
    • USA
      • NYC, Lime (April)
    • Spain
      • Madrid, GoTo (April)
      • Terrassa, Reby (April)
      • Malaga, Cabify/Movo (June)


This article is published in partnership with mopedsharing.com, the knowledge platform for the sector. Together, we’d like to keep you updated on what has happened in the global moped sharing market recently. The next quarterly update will be released in October 2021.

Enrico Howe
Enrico Howe

Enrico is working at INVERS as a market researcher for different new mobility markets. He is the lead author of the annual Global Moped Sharing Market Report and runs mopedsharing.com