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Third-party and ex-factory telematics connector

Connect to the INVERS platform

In order to share vehicles, they need to be connected using an integrated telematics solution. Vehicles can either be equipped with OEM telematics ex-factory, or with after-market third-party telematics.

With CloudConnect, shared mobility operators can integrate vehicles from different manufacturers with various telematics quickly and easily into their fleet without having to invest a great deal of development effort. Regardless of what option you choose, CloudConnect gives you the freedom to connect your vehicles and telematics to the INVERS ecosystem.

What are the benefits?

Vehicle agnostic

Scale fast

Save costs

Save time

Reduce complexity

Adapt quickly 

Secure transmission of data

High-volume and low latency

OneAPI to connect vehicles & telematics

Control & manage fleet with one software

Facilitate co-sharing of assets

Increase growth and success

How it works

There are many telematics solutions out there, each using different types of commands and responses to communicate with and provide data to the cloud. In addition, the speed of innovations and ever-increasing variety of new technologies being introduced to the market brings another level of complexity to the equation.

So when you want to add a new vehicle with a different telematics to your fleet, it is often a complex process for developers to integrate these solutions seamlessly together. It needs a lot of time and maintenance resources.

INVERS CloudConnect makes it simple. At its core, it is an API aggregator that connects various telematics models, translates them into the format of a generic interface and thus makes them easily usable for fleet management and mobility services – instead of having to implement a separate connection for each interface.

This uniform standard allows you to communicate with all your vehicles via the same API – INVERS OneAPI – which facilitates vehicle interaction and data exchange. All connected telematics models can be directly addressed and used. This gives you the freedom to choose any vehicle without worrying about integration efforts.

Our OEM integration partner network

To facilitate and simplify the third-party telematics integration process, we have been continuously growing our partnerships with vehicle manufacturers. Find out if your telematics provider or desired vehicle manufacturer is already in our partner network.


The INVERS mobility tech stack

INVERS CloudConnect Sharing telematics API connector


Whether an ex-factory or third-party telematics, with INVERS CloudConnect you can make any telematics part of your fleet.

INVERS FleetControl fleet management solution

Fleet management

Get detailed insights and real-time updates on your fleet, including vehicle events, heartbeats, ignition status, fuel levels, and more.

choose the best booking software with INVERS

Build or buy
sharing software

Use the powerful INVERS OneAPI to build your own proprietary sharing software or choose the sharing software that suits your needs from our partner network.

INVERS SmartControl App for seamless set up

INVERS SmartControl app

The SmartControl app is the perfect assistant, supporting you to make new vehicles available to your customer base fast. Guided workflows support users of different technical backgrounds to install, configure and test CloudBoxx and CloudBoxx Mini. Usage of camera makes adding vehicle master data, such as VIN and license plates simple. Additionally, our direct connection to INVERS CloudConnect allows for testing of OEM ex-factory telematics possible.

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