People at INVERS – vol. 1

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INVERS Culture


We have some great people pushing INVERS forward in the shared mobility space, and it’s time for you to learn more about them! We are proud of our growing team, and want to highlight their thoughts on working at INVERS.

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Johannes Grünenberg – Sales and Business Development

I have been working at INVERS since 2013, directly after I interned at Daimler. During my interview with INVERS, I realized the potential in the shared mobility market and the great opportunity for the company. Working in this dynamic space is a great experience. What impressed me right from the start is that at INVERS employees at any level have a voice. This is rare. I have never felt at home in a company faster.

Fortunately, my initial impressions have been confirmed, time and time again. Over the past few years, I saw a real growth spurt in the industry and with this, my responsibilities grew, too. Since 2018, I’ve been heading our business development in Vancouver. One thing is most valuable to me in everyday work life – how colleagues treat each other at INVERS. With respect and a common vision of the power of the shared mobility movement.

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Susanne Berghäuser – Software

When I was interviewed for the Statistical Analyst position, it was Uwe Latsch, the founder himself, who took the time to talk to me. He must have liked me because he introduced me to the team as part of my interview. Everyone shared their thoughts on recruiting decisions, which shows how much the company values its staff’s opinions.

Another aspect I really like is that I was able to grow with the company. After starting as an Analyst, I was given several opportunities to learn and work in various positions. I became part of our customer service team and was given the opportunity to complete a “train-the-trainer” workshop. Following this, I learned a lot from our clients all over the world. This knowledge now influences my work in product development.

With so many great mobility ideas out there, my role now allows me to bring them to life.

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Rhys Scott – Supply Chain

I came to Siegen to take part in the UK’s University of Portsmouth and University of Siegen’s bi-national degree program for mechanical engineers. During my studies, I started working at INVERS in supply chain as a student, and a year later, I transitioned into a full-time role as Supply Chain Process Manager. In this role, I look at the flow of materials to ensure that all our products can be produced and delivered to our customers in a timely manner. My role also includes looking at the supply chain in detail and trying to find ways to increase efficiency and output.

I value that INVERS cares about its employees and tries to make a comfortable and relaxed work environment, stress-free workload and flexible working hours. The employees at INVERS are all friendly and try to look after and care for each other. Except sometimes I think there’s almost too much cake in the office – it’s starting to affect my waistline! But we all have a lot of fun together, and that’s what I like about working here.

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