People at INVERS – vol. 2

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INVERS Culture


There are over a hundred people working at INVERS, and everyone’s journey to INVERS looks different. Take a look at how people from our product, sales, and marketing team spend the day and learn more about how they ended up at INVERS.

product manager invers

Janette Kaba – Product

As the Product Manager at INVERS, I get the privilege of building up some of our latest technology. Each day looks a bit different, but usually there are meetings with different stakeholders to gather product requirements, clarify needs, and develop concepts and next steps. These discussions may be long, but I enjoy facilitating these in-depth conversations and working together to develop the best product possible.

I’ve been at INVERS for almost two years now, and I fully appreciate the trust that is instilled in the company culture. I am never afraid to share my thoughts or ideas, and it creates motivation among my team as well. Coming from start-up companies, I enjoy the balance of being a mature company, while also having a lean organizational structure. This gives me independence in my role, as well as the support system from my colleagues. Not a day goes by where I don’t share a good laugh with my colleagues!

sales invers

Peter Schneidermann – Sales

I’ve been with INVERS for over 2 years now. As a Sales Manager, I am constantly in contact with leads and customers, helping them understand our product portfolio and find the best solution for their challenges and requirements.

The mobility-tech sector is fast-paced, and I love it! We are always kept on edge as the mobility market is constantly changing. It’s great talking to passionate people who are thinking out of the box and figuring out which parts of our modular stack fits their needs best.

INVERS is also a fun place to work at! One of my favourite memories: when a potential customer visited us for his kick scooter sharing project. While we were having a demo drive, we ran into our founder and CTO Uwe Latsch, and he challenged our visitor to a race! Uwe was eager to win and even though I hoped he would go easy on our potential customer. Fortunately, the lead still signed with us and we now share a great memory together.

marketing invers

Amanda Lam – Marketing

When I first heard about INVERS, I was intrigued to understand how shared mobility worked behind-the-scenes. After running the marketing and supporting the operations at car2go Group GmbH, I came to greatly appreciate reliable technology as the foundation for successful operations. As a result, working at INVERS seemed like a natural progression for me, as I had a strong interest in the shared mobility space.

Over the past few years at INVERS, I have helped position the company as an industry leader and share the knowledge this company has. Shared mobility continues to evolve and on the marketing side, it is a fun challenge to keep up to date with industry news and make sure INVERS is well-positioned to adapt to changing consumer needs.

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