People at INVERS – vol. 5

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INVERS Culture


We have over a hundred people working hard behind-the-scenes at INVERS to make mobility shareable. It takes the dedication across departments to make sure our technology can serve the needs of the market. We are pleased to highlight more team members to share their story on how they came to INVERS and their experience so far.

people at INVERS - Katharina Klingauf, Software

Katharina Klingauf – Software

I first came to INVERS when I was writing my master thesis about vehicle diagnostics. I had the opportunity to work with the hardware development team to learn more about the complexities that make the technology run. During this time, I noticed the company was growing fast and had a friendly and open atmosphere.

Fast forward to today, and I have been working as a Software Developer at INVERS for almost two years now. I am responsible for conceptualizing and implementing new features, while also collaborating with the product management team. Everyday I get to learn from my colleagues as we exchange knowledge and best practices, which is great in a fast-paced industry like shared mobility.

people at invers - Ragnar Wolff, HR

Ragnar Wolff – HR

I studied business psychology and have been in the field of recruiting and human resources in the tech industry for over five years, supporting both start-ups and large corporations. My general day-to-day involves communicating and liaising between applicants and internal teams, with a focus on attracting the best talent for INVERS. Outside of these tasks, I work on developing new ideas with my team on how we can better present and improve ourselves to attract the best talents.

Living in Cologne has made me realize how practical and sustainable vehicle sharing is. Sharing cars, scooters, and mopeds is a fantastic idea and I was thrilled to learn that the inventors of sharing technology (INVERS!) had an office in Cologne. The people here have a strong team spirit and it’s great to see that every voice is heard in conversations and collaborations. All in all, it rarely feels like work, but rather like working with nice people on a common fun project.

people at invers - Sarah Helduser, Operations

Sarah Helduser – Operations

I have always been focused on building relationships. I found my strength is in making things easier for others, whether that’s helping build homes and hospitals or working as a teacher. Now at INVERS, I get to apply my skills in getting people to where they need to go.

As Assistant to the CEO, I don’t have a typical workday and each day requires versatility. This is part of the charm that first attracted me to this role. I help facilitate activities in our business, whether that’s taking tasks off the CEO’s desk, organizing travels, or coordinating projects. I really value the team spirit at INVERS. Everyone is passionate about constantly improving and everyone treats each other as equals.

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