People at INVERS – vol. 6: Women In Tech Edition

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INVERS Culture


We are proud to work with strong women in tech who power the mobility space. In addition to the ones highlighted here, we have many other talented women who help bring our shared mobility technology to the next level.

people at INVERS - Alina Lenz IT

Alina Lenz – IT

I started at INVERS in 2019 as the Security Officer. I make sure our data is safe from all kinds of threats and data breaches by reviewing, planning, and implementing data strategies and guidelines. A major part of my work is on raising awareness for security issues and helping the team be more data conscious. This is especially exciting to do in the mobility space, which is future-oriented and innovative, but also data-sensitive.

When I was working on my PhD thesis at the University of Siegen, I heard about the great reputation INVERS had for providing a nurturing and creative environment where employees can grow professionally and personally. I felt this during my job interview with INVERS and continue to appreciate being in a positive, collaborative atmosphere that challenges employees to strive for the best.

people at INVERS - Katja Mohyeldin, Software

Katja Mohyeldin – Software

Prior to INVERS, I worked for several years as an electronics and firmware developer. I love how this field of work is innovative, and there is always something new to learn to stay up to date. There isn’t a typical workday, as it could involve anything from discussing new concepts, implementing the firmware, adding new features, and of course, testing.

INVERS treats its employees as family. There is support and care among colleagues, along with shared team spirit and trust. German and English are also my second language, so I really appreciate everyone’s patience when I need to explain what I want to say in different ways.

people at INVERS - Sabrina Klein, Software

Sabrina Klein – Software

When I first started at INVERS, I was fortunate to be paired up with a colleague who has since become my mentor. He showed me how to apply my theoretical knowledge of computer science to the real world of software development. Today, I do coding and feature implementation, but I also get to work on the architectural level like drawing up concepts for features and designing the interaction between software components.

One of my earliest memories at INVERS was when I accidentally deleted a whole database. Thankfully, the database was backed up and I was able to learn how to restore a database backup. We still laugh about this two years later, and I make sure to always show new coworkers how to avoid this mistake!

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