People at INVERS – vol. 8: Tenured Employee Edition

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INVERS Culture


At INVERS, we are fortunate to have a growing team to build up our shared mobility solutions. We are also very grateful to have people at INVERS who have been with us for over a decade. As some of our long-term employees, they have adapted to the changes in mobility while providing expertise and mentorship to the rest of the team.

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Lars Becker – Firmware

My journey with INVERS started before INVERS was officially a company. Uwe Latsch, our founder, was my thesis supervisor and we had a good working relationship, which is how I ended up being one of his first two employees in 1997. I started doing everything from testing and documenting software to customer support to physical installations. Now I focus on firmware development, which involves building new features and fixing bugs.

INVERS is more than an employer for me – it’s like a family. We have grown a lot over the years and I’m glad to see coworkers new and old working well together and complementing each other. There is such a wide variety of jobs and tasks that there is something here for everyone. INVERS is a very welcoming family and we continue to be at the forefront of mobility innovation.

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Klaus Rathe – Project Management & Support

My path to INVERS is quite unconventional. Soon after moving to Canada from Germany, I was overheard speaking German in a shopping mall, and a few contracted projects later, I was offered a full-time role by the CEO. I am now the Team Lead of Projects and Support in our North American office. One of the many great perks of working for INVERS is that no two days look the same. A day can be filled with development and testing, server installations, and more.

Every day I am impressed by the support towards coworkers and new colleagues, as well as the open communication and motivation of everyone working at INVERS. This made me feel at home almost immediately. There is also a large degree of individual autonomy and input as to how to get things done, which is both motivating and rewarding. And of course, getting to use new mobility offerings, vehicles and scooters every day is a perk!

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Kelly Donnelly –  Support

I’ve been at INVERS for almost 15 years now, and it has been exciting supporting the growth of shared mobility. I started out in technical support, where I was able to leverage my IT experience while also learn about the technology we provided for shared mobility operators. I was looking for a new challenge, and making sure our customers can keep their operations running seemed like a great fit.

I now support new customer implementation as well and manage the set-up and installation of our technology. If I am stuck on a particular issue, my colleagues are always willing to step in and work together to find a solution. At INVERS, we all share a common goal of making sure our customers are happy with our technology, and we’ll always help each other out to achieve that goal.

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