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It takes a dedicated, driven team to bring our technology into the hands of mobility operators. We are glad to have people at INVERS who are not only passionate about shared mobility, but also passionate about their work.

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Janina Beyer – Accounting & Operations

I started my career with the Volkswagen Group in Germany, working in Luebeck and Hamburg before switching industries and moving to Vancouver. As a former Branch Manager, I gained experience in all aspects of business, and I am now very happy to bring this knowledge to INVERS. I am responsible for managing the accounting and operations at our Vancouver office, which involves streamlining the daily accounting and operations, as well as creating workplace policies to comply with new health and safety regulations.

When I was learning more about INVERS during the interview process, I was excited about the growing opportunities of shared mobility space and products offered. Even within the first few months at INVERS, I already felt comfortable and in a familiar atmosphere. There is a strong sense of teamwork and trust and I appreciate the open-door policy we have.

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Nico Marchant – Sales & Business Development

Throughout my professional life I have been deeply interested in business innovation and entrepreneurship. After being involved with several ventures related to healthcare and mobility, I was excited to focus in on shared mobility and help others decrease their use of personal vehicles. In my sales role, my favourite task is to connect and guide companies who are looking to build a more sustainable, resilient society with shared mobility.

At INVERS, I enjoy the camaraderie between peers and openness to accept out-of-the-box ideas. Despite being around for over 25 years and over 130 employees, INVERS still feels like a cozy, well-run start-up to me. In fact, when I visited HQ last year, word got around that I enjoyed mountain biking. I found myself biking through the steep hills of Siegen with the founder and ending the adventure hosing mud off each other!

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Julian Simon – Market Management

My studies focused on English and history and I am now a technical writer at INVERS. I am responsible for creating documentation for multiple software products, which requires me to be familiar with both the products and needs of our customers. Whenever a new feature is implemented, the developers walk me through a demo and share technical details, which I then use to create customer-facing documentation prior to launch.

This line of work has unveiled novel perspectives for myself and my future since I can realize my passion for language and technology. The mobility sector addresses various pressing issues of our modern world with its innovations and I am delighted to be a part of it. Since joining INVERS, I have always felt appreciated for my work. My colleagues have helped me find my way around the office more than once and have always been available for a quick chat and made sure I was involved.

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