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  • November 8, 2022 –

    Moped sharing ridership continues to grow, says new Invers report

    Moped sharing ridership continues to grow, says new Invers report.

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    Graphic of INVERS' five top trends in the European car subscription market

    August 30, 2022 –

    New Invers Mobility Barometer identifies five top trends in the European car subscription market

    In the first edition of the Invers Mobility Barometer on "European Car Subscription", market researchers from Invers took a closer look at the European car subscription market and identified five top trends.

    July 1, 2022 –

    CloudBoxx Mini makes new e-scooter from Askoll shareable

    With the new e-scooter SCOO3, Askoll is launching an electric kick scooter that has been specially developed for use in sharing. The Italian manufacturer relies on CloudBoxx Mini, the telematics solution from Invers, for reliable digital access to the new scooters right out of the factory. Askoll and Invers have been working together successfully for many years, including on moped sharing solutions for joint customers such as Cooltra.

    June 28, 2022 –

    Invers outfits Zity’s carsharing fleet

    Zity by Mobilize, the electric carsharing service owned by Renault & Ferrovial groups, has chosen CloudBoxx, the dedicated sharing telematic unit from Invers, to digitize its fleet in the newly launched service in Milan. The Zity team has been won over by CloudBoxx’s reliability, Invers’s support, and the driving analysis feature.

  • Cloueup of CloudBoxx from INVERS with white transporter in the background

    June 9, 2022 –

    Invers expands cooperation with Hertz First Rent A Car

    CloudBoxx, the dedicated sharing telematic unit from Invers, is the solution of choice for Hertz First Rent a Car to digitize vehicles and connect them reliably into the company’s IT infrastructure to make them availabledigitally. The mobility services provider now equips vehicles for its services in Norway, Sweden and Denmark with CloudBoxx. The agreement is a new chapter in a long history of the trusted partnership.

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    OEM Integrations for factory-fitted vehicle telematics

    May 19, 2022 –

    INVERS OEM Integrations connects vehicles without additional hardware

    Invers launches OEM Integrations to let mobility service providers easily receive factory-fitted telematics data from various vehicle brands. The new hardware-free solution connects vehicles to the Invers ecosystem, providing normalized data to developers via a unified interface: Invers OneAPI. It enables mobility service providers to simplify the management of software-defined fleets and free up developer resources away from API maintenance.

    March 15, 2022 –

    INVERS extends cooperation with Europcar Mobility Group

    Invers expands its services and activities for Europcar Mobility Group, with the objective of building reliable connectivity solutions for the mobility services provider’s fleet. Building upon CloudBoxx, the dedicated sharing telematic unit from Invers, they look at an API-centric connectivity approach, to ensure future-proof mobility services based on the latest technology innovations.

    5 shared mobility trends 2022

    December 29, 2021 –

    Shared Mobility 2022: 5 trends will shape the industry!

    The future of mobility remains dynamic, and the Invers team expects further developments in 2022. Electromobility, autonomous driving, microcars, and innovative usage scenarios will offer convenient alternatives to vehicle ownership and will drive the market for shared mobility.