1 Purpose of the App

The apps „Carsharing Demo App RoundTrip“, „Carsharing Demo App FreeFloating“ and “INVERS Scootersharing” are used to demonstrate the Carsharing solutions of INVERS GmbH by using the CloudBoxx technology. The registration with INVERS is a precondition to the use of the apps.


2 Processed Data

With the apps „Carsharing Demo App RoundTrip“ and/or „Carsharing Demo App FreeFloating“ and/or “INVERS Scootersharing”, all cars equipped with the CloudBoxx technology can be used station-based, whether these cars are part of the INVERS company car pool or private cars of the INVERS staff. With the apps cars can be booked, (un)locked, pictures of damages or stains on the car can be taken and transferred to the central INVERS booking unit.
The apps collect and process the following data:

  • Identification data (card ID) of the user in the authentication process for the INVERS demo system
  • GPS coordinates for the search of the nearest bookable car
  • Booking data for the intended car rental
  • Any photos of the car taken by the user
  • BLE connection to the CloudBoxx to activate functions (lock/unlock)

3 Data transfer to INVERS

To book a car, the user has to authenticate himself with user ID and password at the INVERS carsharing central administration software via „Carsharing Demo App Roundtrip“, „Carsharing Demo App FreeFloating“ and “INVERS Scootersharing”. All booking details are transferred to INVERS and recorded. For the car search, in addition the actual position (GPS data) of the user and the mobile device time as time stamp are transferred and recorded in the log files of INVERS.
To unlock, an authentication with a token (card) is required at the car OBU. The OBU matches the booking and authentication data (card ID) with INVERS and verifies the access authorisation. Futhermore, the OBU transfers every locking and unlocking incident to INVERS where it is recorded. BLE data are processed identically. For the duration of few user incidents, the OBU stores the incidents pseudonymously in a circular buffer.
Any photos the user takes and transfers, e.g. of car status, of displayed notices, damages detected or caused are as well time-stamped and recorded at INVERS.
The deletion periods of the recorded data are contractually agreed by license agreement in the registration process.


4 Data Protection

All data transferred to INVERS are protected via SSL/TLS-protocol against unauthorized access and modification.